IONA GLAF9105 2.8L Compact Air Fryer (New Colour Cream White)

IONA’s new air fryer is now available in cream white. IONA Air Fryer allows you to make healthy fried foods that “is not fried in oil” with hot circulating air. Now available in a compact A4 sized design.

Multiple functions such as frying, roasting, grilling, baking and reheating. Easily prepare various dishes with one unit. It’s easy to put ingredients and set the dial, so you can shorten the time for housework.

Basket and inner plate can be washed completely and are easy to clean.

The body colour is beautifully designed in cream white with a classic gold handle.

Scheduled to be available from: Jan 2022

  •        A4 compact size, easy to put in a small kitchen
  •        Even with a compact size, the basket has a large capacity of 2.8L
  •        A wide range of temperature settings can be made from 80˚C to 200 ˚C.
  •        Pre heating is fast! It can be completed in 5 minutes even at 200 ˚C, and it is easy to use as an oven.
  •        It takes about 5 minutes to reheat the tempura on the market. Remove excess oil to make it healthy.
  •        No need to clean up the troublesome frying oil.
  •        The basket and the inner tray can be washed completely and it’s also dishwasher friendly.



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