IONA GL25 Portable Ceramic Hob

A modern, simple and clean alternative to gas stoves. IONA Ceramic Cooker / Multi Stove give you the clean convenience of electric cooking with all the speed and power of gas. IONA's Ceramic Cooker / Multi Stove is made from a specially toughened glass that can withstand sudden high temperatures and the weight of heavy cooking pots without cracking. IONA Ceramic Cooker / Multi Stove uses far-infrared rays to heat up cookware. You can use any stove-friendly cookware on a halogen stove, including clay pots, visions or Pyrex glassware, and most metal cookware. Heat is evenly distributed throughout the circle on the stove-top and is transferred to the pot by contact.

This item may not be available at all stores. If you would like to purchase, please visit our IONA e store or email us for the nearest retailer.

Key features:

  • Suitable for any kind of flat bottom cookware
  • Infrared light waves for cooking, even barbecue
  • Sensor touch control with digital display
  • Rotary head / timer selection dial
  • Modern and clean alternative to gas stoves
  • Scratch resistant ceramic glass
  • Portable design for easy storage
  • Dual heat ring selection tailoring to different cookware
  • Even heating and temperature control
  • Easy cleaning
  • Auto shut down protection



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