IONA GLMC1830 6L Multi Steamer

Enjoy healthy vitamin-packed foods right on your counter top with this stainless steel 2 tier electric steamer. 2 x 3L removable stainless steel trays provide ample space to cook all your favourite foods and vegetables such as seafood, chicken, broccoli and more. Just add water, load up the trays and turn on.

The base cooker doubles up as a 5 in 1 non-stick multi cooking pot. It does it all from hot pot, stir frying, deep frying, stew and browning. The spacious 3L interior can accommodate big batches of soap, chilli, stews and sauces for easy meal planning.

The body color is beautifully designed in matt forest green.

With 2 heat settings, it’s very easy to operate. The non-stick pot makes cleaning easy. This versatile, machine makes preparing all kinds of foods a snap and will quickly become one of your favourite cooking appliance.

  •        2 tier 3L stainless steel removable steam basket easy to cook in.
  •        5 in 1 3L multi cooking pot.
  •        Hot pot, stir frying, deep frying, stew and browning
  •        Easy control with dual heat settings.
  •        Non-stick cooking pot, easy cleaning.
  •        The stainless steel basket and glass cover can be washed completely and it’s also dishwasher friendly.

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