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IONA Portable Ceramic Hob
  • Infrared heating technology
  • Modern & clean alternative to gas stoves
  • Quick and fast heating
  • Works with most stove-friendly cookware
  • Portable design
  • Even heating and temperature control
  • 120 minutes timer
A modern, simple and clean alternative to gas stoves. IONA Ceramic Cooker / Multi Stove give you the clean convenience of electric cooking with all the speed and power of gas. IONA's Ceramic Cooker / Multi Stove is made from a specially toughened glass that can withstand sudden high temperatures and the weight of heavy cooking pots without cracking. IONA Ceramic Cooker / Multi Stove uses far-infrared rays to heat up cookware. You can use any stove-friendly cookware on a halogen stove, including clay pots, visions or Pyrex glassware, and most metal cookware. Heat is evenly distributed throughout the circle on the stove-top and is transferred to the pot by contact.
You get assurance of even-heating as compared to using gas stoves where the “small flame” only heats up the middle of the pot, and causes what we call a “hotspot” in the middle of the pot where food tends to burn, or causing uneven cooking. Another benefit is the ability to set timer. You can put a kettle of water, set timer, and do other things. Or if you use a pressure cooker, bring up the pressure, set timer, and go do other things. When it’s done, it turns off automatically.
IONA Shabu Grill
  • Dual usage, enjoy shabu & teppanyaki steamboat grill at the comfort of home
  • Dual temperature controls, BBQ & Suki
  • Korean made non-stick plate
  • Removable easy wash grill plate
  • With dual soup pot for more variety
  • Quick boiling
  • Glass cover for easy monitoring
Arriving with a 32 large diameter, 360° round hotplate design with a center steamboat, everyone can be part of the cooking action. Cool touch hotplate handles make cooking safe and easy. The removable grill plate allows for easy wash. With Korean Marble non-stick coating so food can be cooked without butter or oil. Independent heating controls ensures uniform heat distribution between the center steamboat and hotplate. The cooker is equipped with an independent heater for the Steamboat, as it requires higher heat then the hotplate. While the 1680W output provides ample power for quick cooking.
Iona Stand Mixer with Bowl
  •  Easy-to-use Speed Control
  • Detaches for Use As Hand Mixer
  • 360 Automatic Rotation Bowl
  • Ejector for Traditional Beaters, Dough Hooks
  • 3.0L Large Bowl with Scatter Prevention Lid
  • Bowl Lid with Window to View Mixing Progress
  • 5 Speeds with Turbo Button for Ideal Mixing

Designed mainly for the task of cake mixing, the Iona’s stand mixer is perfect for those who want to improve their baking skills but who may not have the space for a kitchen machine. Use the hand mixer separately for quick convenient mixing or attach to the specially designed stand with rotating bowl for larger batches. With 5 speed settings and a turbo function, this 300W dedicated blend of hand and stand mixer has all that’s required to create everything from light and fluffy sponges to smooth creamy fondants. Let your handy kitchen assistant do all the hard work with the bonus of no mess thanks to a unique splash guard, which simply clicks into place above the bowl, allowing for splash free mixing. The offset beaters make it easy to add ingredients into the bowl whilst continuously mixing and the rotating bowl ensures maximum ingredients are incorporated into the mixture to ensure a smooth, even and perfect consistency every time.
IONA Triple Turbo Air Circulator QQ Fan
  • Modern & Contemporary Design 
  • Energy Saving & High Performance
  • Over 5 Different Wind Angles
  • 3 Speed Rotary Switch For Each
  • Fan Head
  • Max. 120° Upper & Lower Fan Tilt
  • Low Noise Level
  • Carry Handle For Easy Movement

Beat the heat with Iona's triple head air circulator fan. It comes with 3 separate controlled fan blades for multiple angle coverage. Each fan head can be tilted to different angles and comes with independent 3 speed control.
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