Ceramic Cooker
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IONA Portable Ceramic Hob
  • Infrared heating technology
  • Modern & clean alternative to gas stoves
  • Quick and fast heating
  • Works with most stove-friendly cookware
  • Portable design
  • Even heating and temperature control
  • 120 minutes timer
A modern, simple and clean alternative to gas stoves. IONA Ceramic Cooker / Multi Stove give you the clean convenience of electric cooking with all the speed and power of gas. IONA's Ceramic Cooker / Multi Stove is made from a specially toughened glass that can withstand sudden high temperatures and the weight of heavy cooking pots without cracking. IONA Ceramic Cooker / Multi Stove uses far-infrared rays to heat up cookware. You can use any stove-friendly cookware on a halogen stove, including clay pots, visions or Pyrex glassware, and most metal cookware. Heat is evenly distributed throughout the circle on the stove-top and is transferred to the pot by contact.
You get assurance of even-heating as compared to using gas stoves where the “small flame” only heats up the middle of the pot, and causes what we call a “hotspot” in the middle of the pot where food tends to burn, or causing uneven cooking. Another benefit is the ability to set timer. You can put a kettle of water, set timer, and do other things. Or if you use a pressure cooker, bring up the pressure, set timer, and go do other things. When it’s done, it turns off automatically.
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