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IONA 4.5L Microcomputer Double Boiler & Steamer
Model: GLDB45MC

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  • Multi functional double boiler, steamer and food warmer
  • Retains flavour, salts and vitamins for a healthier cooking alternative
  • Food will not be destroyed by excessive heat
  • Large 26.5cm round steaming rack
  • High quality large 4L soup pot with essence separator and 4 x 0.68L ceramic pots
  • Auto 2h keep warm function for double boiling
  • 4.5h cooking timer settings
  • Little or no supervision needed
  • Overheating and boil dry protection

The latest multi-functional Iona double boiler with microcomputer is equipped for a variety of food preparations including double boiling, steam and food warmer. Some delicate food such as bird’s nest soup, herbal soups, and even shark fin soup are prepared by using the double boiling method. This is to ensure that the nutritious properties of the ingredients are retained and not destroyed by extreme heat. It is also able to keep food warm. Comes with a full set of accessories including 1 large ceramic pot with essence separator, 4 small ceramic pot and a large steamer rack.
Safety : 141592-12
Voltage : 220-240V 50/60Hz 500W
Dimension : 32 x 32 x 30cm
Net Weight : 3.5kg
Capacity : 1 x 4L pot and 4 x 0.68L pot

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