IONA Purple Clay (Zisha) Slow Cookers

Iona’s purple clay slow cooker series is a must have product for every household. The inner pot is handmade of organic fine textured porous purple clay that makes it ideal for making food and brewing tea.

Purple clay has special characteristics, chemistry, composition and texture. It is 4% water absorption rate, and is normally considered to be the best raw material for making chemical free teapots and crockery in the world.

Natural purple clay (Zisha), was formed over thousands of years by cleansing rainfalls that scrubbed the mountains in southern china, releasing minerals into lakes and forming huge beds of Zisha, known as the pride of China. Purple clay is the natural organic material that was crafted into living cookware and highly prized by Emperors to promote health, well-being and longevity. The purple clay pots retains the natural flavours of food and keeps food warm for longer periods.

Purple clay pots are unglazed. This means that there is no chemical glazing on our clay pots, unlike the vast majority of earthenware on the market today. The fact is, glazing strengthens and provides a shiny surface amenable to cooking in earthenware vessels such as clay or ceramic, which are otherwise rough and porous.

The problem with most glazes is that they contain chemicals (and sometimes heavy metals) which can potentially leach into food when cooking. Iona’s purple clay pots are also glazed, but just with water.

We use a very high temperature (1000+ degrees) water glazing process that leaves nothing coating the clay but provides strength, durability and non-stick properties.

The high-temperature water glazing process creates a sheen on the clay pot that serves as a semi-non-stick surface. While it’s not as slick as non-stick chemical coatings, it does provide some non-stick protection and strengthens the clay.

The clay itself is also free of chemicals, heavy metals and impurities. It has been tested by 3rd party labs both pre and post production to ensure safety and purity.

Iona is doing this to ensure a safe healthy option on the market for our families. We use our own products every day and we are convinced of the safety and purity of our products.

Iona purple clay slow cooker comes in 3 sizes, 1L, 3.5L, 6L and 8L. It comes with fast heating and a traditional tempered glass lid for easy viewing. The 6L and 8L comes with an additional double boiler pot ideal for delicate preparations like bird’s nest or snow fungus.

We hope you love cooking in clay as much as we do. Happy cooking!

This item may not be available at all stores. If you would like to purchase, please visit our IONA e store or email us for the nearest retailer.

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