Are air fryers and Halogen Grills (turbo broiler) just the same?

Air fryer has become one of the hottest buzzwords during this pandemic. Alot of people got hooked on the idea of making crispy and crunchy food with little to no oil. Since then, air fryer have been labelled as a must...

IONA GLAF9105 Air Fryer Review by Tiny CreatureHub

Check out @Tiny CreatureHub on his review of our IONA GLAF9105 air fryer.  We hope our Airfryer will bring him more enjoyable experiences to delicious and healthy cooking at home.  Thank you @Tiny CreatureHub.

IONA GLSF12T High Velocity Stand / Table Fan with Timer Review by...

Check out @任怿RengyiTube youtube review of our GLSF12T High Velocity Stand / Table Fan. The fan color really matches his room deco. Stay cool with IONA. Thank you Rengyi!


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