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IONA GLT920 9" Air Circulator

Customize your cooling and always stay comfortable with the Iona GLT920 room Air Circulator Fan. It's a perfect as a table fan or a desk fan, can be wall mounted and it’s powerful enough to provide cooling in small to...

IONA GLTK380 Electric 0.4L Travel Kettle

A great way to boil a hot drink when you are away from home. If you travel frequently for vacation or business, you may have encountered the following problems. You do not want to use the hotel’s communal kettle (we...

IONA Thermal Flask Water Bottle

Keep your beverage chilled or warm on-the-go with IONA vacuum thermal flask! The simple modern water bottle design is the perfect bike water bottle, water container, insulated cup, travel mug, or water canteen.

IONA GLAF1230 3L Compact Air Fryer

The perfect solution for healthy cooking enthusiasts. This air fryer features a non-stick pan and tray, adjustable temperature control, and a user-friendly design that allows you to cook a variety of foods with ease.

IONA Nonstick Cast Aluminium Granite Cookware

Inspired by innovation, IONA developed an affordable everyday cookware collection that meets the demands of the simple home cook and busy households. Designed for everyday heavy use while providing consistent...

IONA GLK18 1.8L Cool Touch Double Wall Cordless Kettle

The 1.8L IONA Double-Wall Electric Kettle is crafted with a plastic outer shell that houses a stainless steel interior for a safe and clean boil. Advance thermostat technology protects your kettle and your home with...

IONA GLK17 1.7L Digital Display Cordless Kettle

Sleek shiny black design with modern digital display makes this a perfect kettle for any kitchen. Seamless double wall construction makes this kettle safe to handle, even filled with hot water. The unit’s keep warm...

IONA GLSF12T High Velocity Stand / Table Fan with Timer

Cool down with the IONA 12” high velocity oscillating 3-speed stand / table fan. Our 12” fan has four high-performance blades to move high volume of air whereever it’s needed.

Best Seller

IONA GLS189 Electric Skillet With Double Flavour Pot

An electric skillet is an extremely useful appliance favoured by home cooks everywhere. It can function as an additional cooktop when your other burners are in use, it is great for cooking large quantities for a crowd...

IONA GLSM988 Sandwich And Waffle Maker

IONA strives to give you the convenience you need by introducing our electric Sandwich Waffle Maker that comes with 2 switchable non-stick coating plates for making hot, tasty sandwiches and crispy waffles.

IONA GLMC1812 1.2L Multi Cooker

Boil eggs, cook noodles, steam vegetables, make oatmeal and more with the IONA electric Multi Cooker. Boils water faster than a traditional stove and 50% faster than a microwave. This versatile appliance with easy to...

IONA GLSF166 Stand / Tatami Fan

Cool down with the IONA 16”Oscillating 3-speed stand fan. Stand fans are easy ways to handle hot, stagnant air, sending cool breeze wherever needed. The IONA oscillating fan goes one step further with a removable...

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