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IONA GLSF12T High Velocity Stand / Table Fan with Timer

Cool down with the IONA 12” high velocity oscillating 3-speed stand / table fan. Our 12” fan has four high-performance blades to move high volume of air whereever it’s needed.

IONA GLAP50 5L Electric Airpot with Keep Warm Temp Selection

A 5.0 litre capacity electric thermal pot with food grade 304 rust resistant stainless steel interior. The 3 keep warm temperature settings (98°C, 85°C, 65°C) allow you to brew anything from green tea to French press...

IONA GLRC66 Digital Rice Cooker

Cooking grains correctly isn’t as easy as it seems. Knowing the right preparation, liquid-to-grain ratio, temperature, and resting technique is essential to get the texture you crave.

IONA GLAF9105 2.8L Compact Air Fryer (New Colour Cream White)

IONA’s new air fryer is now available in cream white. IONA Air Fryer allows you to make healthy fried foods that “is not fried in oil” with hot circulating air. Now available in a compact A4 sized design.

IONA GL3712 Tabletop BBQ Grill with Hotpot

Make mealtimes fun with IONA’s 2 in 1 Table top BBQ Grill with Hotpot. Great for use indoors and out and for all kinds of food. This innovative cooker has an independent power control switch to control the BBQ pan and...

IONA GLK1806 1.8L Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle

Bring form, function and safety to your kitchen with the elegantly designed IONA GLK1806 kettle. Boil and pour water conveniently with the IONA Stainless Steel cordless electrical kettle. Boil water for teas, hot...

IONA GLSF166 Stand / Tatami Fan

Cool down with the IONA 16”Oscillating 3-speed stand fan. Stand fans are easy ways to handle hot, stagnant air, sending cool breeze wherever needed. The IONA oscillating fan goes one step further with a removable...

IONA GLMC1812 1.2L Multi Cooker

Boil eggs, cook noodles, steam vegetables, make oatmeal and more with the IONA electric Multi Cooker. Boils water faster than a traditional stove and 50% faster than a microwave. This versatile appliance with easy to...

Best Seller

IONA GL4802 48L Convection and Rotisserie Oven

Small enough to fit on your kitchen counter, but large enough to help you prepare a family meal. The IONA Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie boasts a full-size oven performance in a compact, form. Maximum...

IONA Purple Clay (Zisha) Slow Cookers

Iona’s purple clay slow cooker series is a must have product for every household. The inner pot is handmade of organic fine textured porous purple clay that makes it ideal for making food and brewing tea. Purple clay...

IONA GLS189 Electric Skillet with double flavour pot

An electric skillet is an extremely useful appliance favoured by home cooks everywhere. It can function as an additional cooktop when your other burners are in use, it is great for cooking large quantities for a crowd...

IONA GL24 Portable Ceramic Hob

Cook as you wish with any flat bottomed high-temperature pots. Suitable for ceramic pots, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, iron pot, glass, casserole, etc. Retain the advantages of convenient use and beautiful...

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