IONA GL24 Portable Ceramic Hob

Cook as you wish with any flat bottomed high-temperature pots. Suitable for ceramic pots, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, iron pot, glass, casserole, etc. Retain the advantages of convenient use and beautiful appearance of the induction cooker. It has made up for the defect that the induction cooker can only use iron pots and pans, and the scope of use has been expanded to all flat-bottomed pots, which is known as the stove that never picks up pot.

Dual heat ring selection to tailor to the size of your cookware, inner ring for cookware less than 10cm width. Full ring for cookware 17cm width and normal cooking. Outer ring for cookware 17cm ideal for frying pan to cook eggs and pancake.

The use of high-grade microcrystalline glass panel withstands a high temperature of 950 degrees, does not break, does not change colour, the panel is bright as a mirror, easy to clean, environmentally friendly.

There is no radiation of high-frequency electromagnetic waves. It is well know that an ordinary induction cooker is equivalent to the radiation of 15 mobile phones, while the ceramic far infrared has health care and heating benefits.

The excellent heat function cooks food that taste good, the fire power designed from weak to strong, strong heat uniform heat, to ensure that the dishes are delicious. Moreover it’s a stove designed for safety. It is equipped with an intelligent overheating protection device and can be automatically shut down according to the time. Even if you forget to turn it off after use, there will be no worries.

The high thermal efficiency ensures fast heating. The highest temperature can reach 600 degrees, through multi stage precise power control, it can cook quickly, and the heat source is concentrated, energy saving and electricity saving.

There is no open flame, no carbon monoxide is produced, and halogen light can be seen during cooking, so that users can easily recognize whether the stove is working properly.

The perfect combination of diamond microcrystalline surface amplification technology and computer control technology. It amplifies every heat energy, the value of every kilowatt-hour of electricity and the fragrance of every kind of food. It is equivalent to gas firepower, twice the function. Different from other stoves, the infrared light wave stove is not an ordinary stove. It is a modern technology. Very energy efficient. Suitable for any pot (except plastic pot). Elderly, pregnant women can use it. A new revolution in the kitchen healthy ceramic stove.

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