IONA GLS189 Electric Skillet With Double Flavour Pot

An electric skillet is an extremely useful appliance favoured by home cooks everywhere. It can function as an additional cooktop when your other burners are in use, it is great for cooking large quantities for a crowd like hot pot or shabu shabu, and can hold a dish at constant temperature for serving. You can also use it as a steamer, deep fryer or casserole dish - the options are endless for this versatile cooker.

The 5L model comes with a removable single die cast pot with a centre divider for preparing different dishes at the same time. It is great for Chinese hot pot Yuan Yang where you can have different soup base on each side. The removable pot is die casted with PFOA free non-stick material, ensuring that the soup base does not cross flavours with the other side. (Stainless steel pots tend to have this problem). Non-stick also means it’s usually a breeze to clean.


  • Single pot, double flavors
  • Detachable non-stick aluminium pot for easy cleaning
  • Circular heating for faster cooking
  • Ideal for tabletop cooking and 
  • Glass lid for easy viewing
  • Variable temperature control
  • Heating LED indicator

This item may not be available at all stores. If you would like to purchase, please visit our IONA e store or email us for the nearest retailer.

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