Are air fryers and Halogen Grills (turbo broiler) just the same?

Air fryer has become one of the hottest buzzwords during this pandemic. Alot of people got hooked on the idea of making crispy and crunchy food with little to no oil. Since then, air fryer have been labelled as a must have kitchen appliance. But then, there are also those who argue that an air fryer is just a fancier version of a Halogen Grill (turbo broiler). Here we put both IONA Air fryer and Halogen Grill to the test to make roasted pork and discover key differences between the two.

  • One of the prominent difference is that Halogen grill has 17L capacity with extended ring as compared to air fryer’s 2.8L capacity. Making it possible for halogen grill to cook large amounts of meat and veggies using as little as 20 minutes to cook them. Not only can you cook, grill and bake, you can even steam!
  • The halogen has a transparent glass body where you can watch your food being cooked while the airfryer has an opaque plastic body.
  • Halogen grill also has a self-cleaning function that is very unique. You just have to add soapy water into it and select the wash function.
  • Both have separate dials for temperature setting and cooking time which makes it easy to operate.
  • Both also have the same safety feature where when it is opened, the power will automatically switch off.

With all these differences in mind, we used it to roast pork belly!

Do check out our video to see our PK video and which machine makes better roasted pork!

In conclusion, if you want a compact and classy appliances for 1-2 pax, choose our air fryer! If you love to cook for a bigger family, 4-6 pax, the halogen grill will be a better choice! Either way, we will have the right appliances for you!

IONA GLAF9105 Air Fryer

IONA GLTB112 Halogen Grill

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