IONA GLAF9105 Air Fryer Ice cream

Are you a fan of fried ice cream? But you think it is too oily or unhealthy? We have an oil free air fried ice cream recipe just for you! Equally crispy and taste really good! Crispy exterior with delicious ice cream inside! Time to make your own air fried ice cream for your loved ones!


  • Any ice cream of your choice
  • A loaf of white bread
  • Ice cream scooper (or a spoon)
  • Glass cup/ round cookie cutter
  • Egg mixture
  • Panko/breadcrumbs


  • Take out your frozen ice cream to defrost for afew minutes. Ensure your ice cream can be scooped out easily.
  • Place one scoop of ice cream in the middle of a slice of bread.
  • Place another piece of bread on top.
  • Use your cookie cutter/ glass and press it down tightly for both pieces of bread to stick together.
  • Turn your cookie cutter/glass left and right to remove the excess bread. Or you can use a knife to cut the rims of it.
  • Repeat the steps to make a few of it
  • Your fried ice cream for at least 4 hours or overnight so that your ice cream will not melt that easily in the air fryer.
  • Before air frying, coat it with egg mixture and breadcrumbs to give it an extra crisp.
  • Pre heat air fryer @ 200 degrees
  • Air fry for 200 degrees for 2 minutes.
  • Drizzle any sauce of your choice and add any toppings of your preference.
  • Enjoy your air fried ice cream!



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