IONA GLAP50 5L Electric Airpot with Keep Warm Temp Selection

A 5.0 litre capacity electric thermal pot with food grade 304 rust resistant stainless steel interior. The 3 keep warm temperature settings (98°C, 85°C, 65°C) allow you to brew anything from green tea to French press coffee to perfection. This hot water dispenser is equipped with 2 different water-dispensing methods: touch button dispense and cup touch dispense. It is worth mentioning that the thermal airpot offers a solid dispense button instead of a plastic film type. As this button is frequently used, a solid button ensures better and longer lasting performance.  It has a re-boil function to quickly bring water back to boiling. The auto-lock feature is designed to keep water from dispensing unintentionally for safety purposes. The electric thermo airpot will bring you a more comfortable and healthy life. The stylish stainless steel design will also fit in any kitchen.

This item may not be available at all stores. If you would like to purchase, please visit our IONA e store or email us for the nearest retailer.



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