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Featuring : 18cm Sauce pot with cover/ 24cm Frying Pan/ 28cm Wok with cover/ 24cm Soup pot with cover

Inspired by innovation, IONA developed an affordable everyday cookware collection that meets the demands of the simple home cook and busy households. Designed for everyday heavy use while providing consistent reliability. The Granite collection features lightweight, non-stick cast aluminium cookware with high performance non-stick granite stone coating, making these pans extremely durable and non-stick. Cast aluminium core assures fast and even heating which can speed up cooking time. Eco friendly and safe, PFOA free. Wood grain Bakelite handles for easy handling and transferring. All in one design, no rivets, avoid rust and easy to clean. Just wipe it with a paper towel or rinse it with water for the perfect balance of functionality.

Stay away from metal utensils in cooking as well as steel wools in cleaning. After cooking, leave it on the stove to cool down on its own. Use high heat plastic or wood utensils. Clean with soap, water, soft sponge and wipe with thin film of oil. Suitable for dishwasher at low temperature.

This item may not be available at all stores. If you would like to purchase, please visit our IONA e store or email us for the nearest retailer.

  •          [Eco-Friendly Granite Material] non-stick granite material100% PFOA free, smokeless, safe & healthy. When cooking, less oil and healthier life.
  •          [Non-stick & Easy to Clean] The non-stick material covered on the surface of this wok with the newest technology provides 5x of extra non-stick performance, and the non-rivets structure make it also easy to clean up.
  •          [Heats up Fast & Evenly] With extended bottom design, our wok increases the frying area so it heats up faster and evenly compared to traditional non-stick cooking pan.
  •          [Suitable for All Stove] Conductive stainless steel bottom allows this 11-inch wok to work on all cooktops, including induction stove and ceramic stove, heats evenly and quickly.
  •          [Advance Die-Cast Technology] All our pots are made by die-casting aluminium and have strong stability and durability, far superior to stretched pots and imitation die-cast cookware.


Different non-stick Pots and Pans in the Market

  1.        Stretching Pot

Thin aluminium sheet is stretched using a stretching machine. This is the simplest production process at the lowest cost. The body of the pot is thin, and the bottom of the pot may even be deform and bulge after heating for a long time.

  1.        Imitation Die-Casting Pot(forged pot)

Aluminium sheet is pressed using a forging machine. The body of this pot is thicker then stretched pot, but not durable, same as the stretching pot.

  1.        Die-Casting Aluminium Pot

The process is complicated. Aluminium ingots needs to be melted into liquid, then injected into the die-casting mould and formed integrally. This pot’s body is thick, heats evenly, and will not deform. Die cast pots are more durable with long lasting performance.


How to distinguish the different pots in the market?

Stretching pots and imitation die cast pots normally comes with rivets.

Die casting pots are without rivets.



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