IONA GLB073 Ultra Slim Bidet Attachment

Enhance your bathroom with this stylist bidet. IONA uses the finest quality components, each and every one of our bidet are made to last. There is no clog, no leak and leave you away from frustration. Our ultra-slim bidet attachment is very friendly to pregnant women. No complicated operation is needed, making it more convenient to go to the toilet. What’s more, the simple rotating design makes it easy for the elderly with inconvenient movement to operate without the assistance of others.

With dual nozzle cleaning modes. Posterior mode (men and women) and Feminine mode (women’s private). IONA bidet uses a simple rotary switch to replace the complex button plate, rotates to the right for Posterior mode (strong water pressure with stronger cleaning strength), and turns to the left for the Feminine Mode (relatively soft weak water pressure). The two modes fully reflect the humanized design.

Its ultra slim design with a thickness of only 0.19 inch, 60% thinner than the traditional bidet at 0.47 inches. The edge of the bidet attachment is improved so that it fits the toilet completely and can be integrated with up to 90% of the toilet bowl designs.

The ultra slim bidet rotation controller will adjust the water pressure according to the rotation angle of the controller, and the larger the angle of rotation, the larger the water pressure. When it starts to rotate 15-20 degrees, the nozzle will start to water, and the water pressure will be the largest when it is rotated to 90 degrees.

Nozzle protection design, the upper part of the IONA bidet gas a concave downward design, which makes the nozzle have a proper gap with the toilet pedestal ring. It can prevent the nozzle from being broken by the toilet pedestal ring due to external force when using the toilet.

The IONA bidet is made of environmentally friendly ABS material. Attached accessories include stainless steel T shape adapter and braided steel cold water hose. The overall quality of the bidet toilet seat attachment is optimized, and traditional plastic is replaced, which improves the durability and cost-effectiveness of the bidet for toilet.

Scheduled to be available from: July 2023

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