IONA GLWD33 Instant Hot Water Dispenser with UF Membrane Filter

The IONA GLWD33 is a large capacity, zero-installation, countertop water filtration system that incorporates a thermal hot water filter dispenser, 12 temperatures, a high temperature safety lock and 1 filter. The IONA GLWD33 countertop uses an Ultra Filtration membrane, the highest filtration technology used in the market currently besides reverse osmosis. Ultra-filtration membrane serves as a barrier to separate harmful bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from clean water. Only fresh water and dissolved minerals pass through.

Besides, its 3-second fast heating advantage effectively meets people’s immediate needs. 12 temperature modes and 3.5L big capacity fully meet people’s different daily water drinking needs. Its 100% safe with high temperature safety lock. In addition, the fully assembled filter system requires no installation and easy to carry.

Scheduled to be available from: Dec2023

Available in 3 fresh colors, White, Green and Purple

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