IONA GLSM988 Sandwich & Waffle Maker Charcoal Waffle Sandwich

Imagine black charcoal waffle with bacon slices, avocado paste, cherry tomatoes & juicy portebello mushrooms. It’s one of those breakfast/brunch you’ll wish to have in anytime of the day. So get down to it & start making your own waffles! This recipe consists of 4 main components.

    • All purpose flour - 200g
    • Bamboo charcoal powder - 5g
    • Baking powder - 2tsp
    • Vanilla extract - 1 tsp
    • Egg - 2
    • Fresh milk -180ml
    • Sugar - 2 spoon
    • Salt - 1 spoon
    • Bacon slices - 9-10 pieces
    • Avocado paste/ sour cream
    • Portebello mushroom - 100g
    • Cherry tomato - 100g
    • Baby spinach and arugula for garnishing
    • Spread a little oil on waffle maker, fry the bacon slices and mushrooms untill cooked and set aside.
    • Add the flour, bamboo charcoal powder, baking powder, vanilla extract, eggs, milk, sugar and salt into a bowl.
    • Mix evenly untill combined.
    • Wipe off the residue on the waffle plate and lightly oil the waffle plate again.
    • Pouring the waffle batter on waffle plate.
    • Let it cook untill slightly crispy.
    • Put in a plate and spread with avocado paste/ sour cream on waffle.
    • Add the cooked bacon slices, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach and arugula on top.
    • Ready to serve!


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