IONA GLP31 Desktop Air Purifier with Aromatherapy

IONA Mini Air Purifier, HEPA 13 Desktop Air Purifier with Aroma Pad for bedrooms, offices, small rooms.

Struggling with poor air quality in your bedroom, living room or home office but can’t find an air purifier that is small as well as effective?

The Iona Mini Air Purifier is ready to filter pollutants from your cozy space. The sleek and compact design easily blends in as décor and takes up little space. With a convenient touch sensor button and 3 speed settings, 3 stage filter as well as an aroma pad for fragrant essential oils, this air purifier keeps your air fresh and smelling great.

The 3 stage filtration system includes a pre-filter, Hepa filter and Activated Carbon Filter, trapping at least 97% of 0.3-micron airborne particles such as pet dander, pollen, and dust. This filtration system also helps to filter smoke, odours, and fumes.

Perfect for beside filtration, this small air purifier can easily fit on a nightstand and filter congestion-causing allergens while you sleep soundly.

Experience the big difference a little air purifier can make in your home.

Available from May 2024

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