IONA GLMC1816 Stainless Steel Multi Cooker

Maximize your kitchen’s potential and easily cook with the IONA Multi Cooker. The multi cooker only takes up a foot of counter space, so it’s easy to use and store in small kitchens and dorm rooms. This compact multi cooker is designed to cook one to two servings; so it’s the perfect gift for single students and couples. It does it all from hot pot, broil, braise, stew and steam.

Stack the steaming rack on top to cook vegetables, eggs and much more. With the dual heat temperature selection, you can easily turn the heat up to boil water or set it on low to simmer broth.

The cooking pot is made of 304 stainless steel for healthy cooking.

The 1.0L separate steamer is safe to use and clean. Steam and cook at the same time. This versatile, machine makes preparing all kinds of foods a snap and will quickly become one of your favourite cooking appliance.

Available in 3 colours. White, green and pink.

Scheduled to be available from: May2024

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