Japanese boiled radish and minced meat with IONA Purple Clay Slow Cooker

In Japan, when the cold wind blows in autumn and winter, and the smell of boiled radish wafts out of the house, it always brings a special warm feeling. When stewed, the radish is full of juice from the minced meat and becomes more delicious than the meat. You can also slowly stew it overnight and eat it with porridge for a smoothing flavor.


  •        Radish
  •        Mince beef or pork (just a small amount)
  •        Sugar
  •        Soy Sauce
  •        Mirin
  •        Japanese broth
  •        Bonito flakes
  •        Cooking Sake

* Portion ingredients according to the size of your slow cooker



        Stir fry mince pork or beef .

  •        Separate the mince pork or beef into small grains and add in sake.
  •        Cut radish into small pieces and add to pot to fry with the mince pork/beef.
  •        Transfer the cooked ingredients to slow cooker. Add Japanese broth and set to high.
  •        Add mirin, sugar and soy sauce to taste.
  •        Once boiled, simmer on low heat until the radish has no white hard core.
  •        Serve with some chopped green onion and bonito flakes.


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