Lotus Root & Peanut Soup with IONA Purple Clay Slow Cooker

Serves 2    Preparation Time 10 minutes    Cooking Time 2.5 Hours

Commonly served during Chinese New Year for its auspicious significance. The Lotus Root Peanut soup is said to improve the yin in the body. According to TCM beliefs, when the body is imbalanced with too much yang food, food with cooling properties should be taken to balance yin and yang. And lotus root is one of them.



  •              1 Lotus Root
  •             Ginger slices
  •             100g Pork
  •             1L of Water
  •             2 dried Squid
  •             4 Red Dates
  •             100g Peanuts



  •             Remove the skin of the lotus roots and cut into slices.
  •             Blanch pork in boiling water with some Ginger.
  •             Place lotus roots, pork, dried squid, red dates and peanuts into slow cooker pot with 1L of water.
  •             Set to high heat and bring to a boil, then lower heat to low.
  •             Allow it to simmer for 2 hours before serving.
  •             Serve hot.


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