IONA GLMC1812 Multi Cooker Chicken Patties with Vegetables

Instead of the classic hamburger or cheeseburger, loaded with artery-clogging saturated fat, opt for this delicious chicken veggie burger that has just 1/2 gram of saturated fat! Sandwich this burger between two pieces of whole grain bread or eat it without!

    • Chicken breast - 250g
    • Frozen vetebales - a proper amount
    • Soy sauce - 1 spoon
    • Salt - a proper amount
    • Black papper - a proper amount
    • Corn flour - 2 spoon

    • Chop the chicken breast with food chopper.
    • Put minced chicken in a bowl and mix with vegetables.
    • Add soy sauce, salt, black papper and corn flour and mix untill the meat sticks together.
    • Knead into a small piece of meatloafs.
    • Put a little oil to multi cooker, fry the meats untill browned on both sides.
    • Enjoy your juicy chicken patties!


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